PETER CLAYTON Peter Clayton - Chief Executive

“As Chief Executive I am responsible for maintaining the high standards set by the APRC. I have helped with the training of more than 12,500 recruitment consultants, owners and managers.

MICHAEL FOGARTY Michael Fogarty - President
Company: PP Management Ltd
Position: Managing Director

“We want to help the individual consultants who want to continually improve their standards and knowledge. I have known Peter Clayton the Chief Executive of the APRC for many years and he is always prepared to go that extra mile to help.”

Anna Maria Staines - Councillor and Chair West Midlands
With over twelve years' experience within the recruitment industry in the West Midlands and trained by the APRC, I was delighted to be awarded FPRC and even more delighted to be recently appointed to Council for recognition of my service to the industry.
Throughout my career I have found the APRC to be professional, very supportive and advantageous, offering advice, regular updates and vital information to the recruitment industry.  I would encourage any consultant, whether being a trainee or professional, to seize the opportunity of the APRC training which is on offer. It will not only be beneficial to you, but also your employer. It will ensure you are heading up that all important career ladder of success the right way, the professional way, the APRC way.


Rachel Wilson - Councillor
Company: Digitec Systems Ltd and Easyline Scientific Recruitment Ltd
Position: Director, Recruitment Software Trainer and Advisor

Recruitment Software Trainer and Advisor: 6 years
 “I am delighted to be asked to join the Council of the APRC.  Many of our clients are independent recruitment businesses who face many challenges in business today and benefit from the support of a professional organisation. 

Steve Briscoe - Councillor
Company: The Carrington Blake Group
Position: Project Manager

It is a pleasure working and learning along side one of the most dedicated associations I have ever met, They always have time for us and make my customers feel like we are never alone in this cut throat world of business. Sometimes it's nice just to have an honest chat with honest people and that is what the APRC offers.

RYHS JONES Rhys Jones - Councillor
Position: Director

“We put people first at Elliot Marsh and I believe the APRC will raise standards because consultants will be able to get help and advice on a wide range of issues that will benefit clients and candidates”

PHIL Philip Sharp - Councillor
Position: Director

“I am proud to be involved with the APRC. I have worked with Rhys for many years and we both always believed that service is everything”
Jacqui Bell Jaqui Bell - Councillor
Company: JB TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS Position: Director

“I am proud to be a councilor and a founding member of the APRC because I have always believed that both clients and candidates should be treated with the greatest respect and it is the job of all recruitment consultants
to set the highest standards”