More and more companies are now insisting that their suppliers are members of a professional association with a code of conduct that members must comply with. The APRC has more than 8,500 members.

12 reasons for joining the APRC

» 1 Membership of an internationally recognised professional body
» 2 Membership of the largest members recruitment association in the UK.
» 3 Member's discount on APRC training
» 4 Free seminar support including a speaker for client events. (excludes travel costs)
» 5 Appropriate designatory letters: APRC/MPRC/FPRC/Corporate Member
» 6 The opportunity to take Diploma in Recruitment qualification
» 7 The opportunity to take Diploma in Recruitment Management qualification
» 8 Dedicated advice line on sales, proposals, presentations etc.
» 9 Membership certificate
» 10 Use of the APRC logo for advertising and corporate literature
» 11 Regular news letters and useful articles and business tips
» 12 Complimentary personality profile (worth £19.50)

Joining Costs
» Associate £26
» Full Member £42
» Fellow Member £52

Many agencies have paid for each of their consultants to become members of the APRC and this has proved to be an expensive exercise in some cases. Therefore in future an agency can join as a corporate member with charges based upon the number of staff employed.

» Up to 11 staff £185
» 12-20 staff £265
» 21-50 staff £385
» 51 plus staff £465

Note: Any member of staff bringing the agency into disrepute will mean the agency will lose its APRC corporate membership.

Voice of recruitment
The APRC is the fastest growing association in the UK and is consulted by hundreds of companies every year seeking advice on "agency best practice". We are regularly consulted by companies who wish to work with recognised suppliers of recruitment services. Increasingly, recruiting companies are making APRC membership a top priority when selecting an agency.

Code of Conduct [link]
We encourage members to demonstrate their APRC membership by using the APRC logo on stationary and displaying the APRC code of ethics in each branch and on their web sites, as a seal of approval. By joining the APRC, you associate your agency with other members all over the world.

Law and Legislation [link]
The APRC keeps members informed of important legal and legislative changes that affect the recruitment industry.

Education and Training
A training program designed exclusively for APRC members to assist them in all aspects of recruitment knowledge. APRC corporate members can licence training courses designed and written by the APRC.

Member Services
Special discounts are available to you as an APRC member, such as training services and consultancy

APRC - Diploma in Recruitment - MPRC Dip-Rec [link]
This successful course which has been held in-agency for some time culminates in an examination at the end. The course covers a wide range of recruitment topics including resourcing skills, business development, law and legislation and much more. Delegates who have attended say the topics covered are extremely useful and very up to date.


Membership/Corporate Membership Application Form
Member MPRC
Available to consultants with more than 12 months' experience in recruitment.

Associate Member APRC
Available to consultants with less than 12 months' experience in recruitment. Available to agency support staff

Fellow FPRC
Available to consultants who have been a full Member of the APRC for at least three years.

Corporate Membership
(see costs below) Note: Any member of staff bringing the agency into disrepute will mean the agency will lose its APRC corporate membership.

I wish to apply for Associate Membership APRC
I wish to apply for Full Membership - MPRC
I wish to apply for Fellowship - FRPC
I wish to apply for Corporate Membership
Up to 11 staff £185
12 to 20 staff £265
21 to 50 staff £385
50 plus staff £465

Please provide the following information so that we may process your application: or download an
application for complete with Code of Conduct and information on the APRC

Click here to download - Individual Member Application Form
Click here to download - Corporate Member Application Form

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